SEO Interview Questions: SEO Interviewing Questions and Answer

(Q) What ar Search Engines?
(A) Search engines ar programs, once you enter a keyword and a quest term these programs can notice specific data on internet. Example: Google, yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckgo

(Q) what's SEO?
(A) SEO – programme optimisation or optimizer may be a assortment of techniques applied to optimize our website in order that it ranks well in SERPs (Search engine result pages).

(Q) What ar Meta tags?
(A) Meta tags ar keywords that tell search engines regarding the positioning, these keywords ar viewed by programme bots. once somebody searches then search engines primarily based upon the meta tags, title and keywords within the website displays the results.

(Q) what's the importance of Title tag employed in website?
(A) Title plays a significant role in SEO, page`s title accurately describes the regarding the content therein pages.

(Q) what's website map?
(A) programme bots reads the content of the online page when changing them to XML, inserting {site|website|web website} map in our site helps bots to browse the content simply.

(Q) Why to use mechanism.txt?
(A) Robot.txt may be a message to go looking engine bots to index the page or not. just in case if your don`t need search engines to index explicit page then place “noindex”.

(Q) however keyword analysis is done?
(A) opt for the keywords those ar with high searches and low competition associated with your website niche. Then initial target long tail keywords to check rankings in SERPs step by step increase the keywords.

(Q) what's Canonical form?
(A) Canonical may be a tag that accepts address, it's a message to go looking engine bots that to index this address however not the page address.
For example: this the address of the page and if you don`t need search engines to index this address however instead you wish to form , then embody it in canonical tag.

(Q) the way to get traffic for the website?
(A) begin article submission with quality content, participate in forums and do all the SEO techniques. to urge traffic transfer image to profile and provides your users whole look by sharing them with real data regarding web site. target native search engines like super pages, manta etc..

(Q) Is Domain extension (.com, .in, .net, .org) has any result on SEO?
(A) It depends; If you're concentrating folks everywhere USA then taking domain with .in extension will result SEO.

(Q) what's PPC?
(A) PPC may be a methodology of on-line ad wherever you pay per users click.

(Q) List few SEO techniques you fallow once a replacement website is given?
(A) Checking with onpage issue like Title, meta tags, meta description and keywords within the content
Submitting website to major search engines
Submitting to RSS feed sites
Bookmarking website pages
Press release saying regarding your website launch
Directory submission
Article submission to concentrate article readers
Classifieds to focus on native users
Blog commenting
Web 2.0 page creation
….these ar few techniques listed you'll be able to add additional.

(Q) what's analytics?
(A) To analyses the traffic to your website, several sites ar providing analyses, victimization this you'll be able to track the results for your SEO work.

In the field of net promoting programme optimisation (SEO) has been emerged as a superb methodology to market an internet site that’s suggests that promoting an internet site in programme with motive to reinforce the ranking in programme page result. However, so as to urge prime ranking position in programmes an internet site should be seems as search engine friendly.
             David Meyer
This post is regarding SEO interview queries that have compiled SEO interview queries & answers. These ar terribly useful for SEO employment interview which will undoubtedly bring a prospering and bright career. These SEO interview queries and answers 2012 ar congregated by our SEO specialists so as to avoid wasting your precious time and efforts and deliver a group of best and most often asked queries only for you.

In the field of net promoting programme optimisation (SEO) has been emerged as a superb methodology to market an internet site that’s suggests that promoting an internet site in programme with motive to reinforce the ranking in programme page result. However, so as to urge prime ranking position in programmes an internet site should be seems as search engine friendly.
As folks accessing net is proliferating dynamically, the extent of on-line or net promoting is additionally on the hike consequently. From immense company firms to little place of business comprehending the importance of on-line promoting that tends to rise of demand for SEO and SEM professional. However, the interview control for SEO jobs is looks to be terribly mixed-up as most frequently it includes numerous difficult queries that proves your capability of reasoning, logic, problem-solving skills and artistic thinking. Therefore, either you're a lowerclassman or fully fledged SEO skilled, i'm here to assist you by presenting most often asked SEO interview question that will not solely show your skills and data however additionally helps to realize the SEO jobs and cause you to the winner.
Moreover, being a SEO skilled you'd have to be compelled to prove your skills and data of SEO furthermore as SEO services so as to indicate your experience in programme field. Hence, within the coming back section of this post i'm reaching to gift nearly everything that considerations with SEO employment interview question & answer that guarantee your success within the SEO interview. So, simply move and undergo these set of SEO interview question & answers .

Q: what's Search Engines?
(A) Search Engines ar terribly crucial key part helpful to seek out out specific and relevant data through immense extent of World Wide internet. Some major normally used search engine:
Q: Tell Maine one thing regarding Google.

(A) Google is that the world’s largest and illustrious programme incorporating regarding sixty six.8% of market share. it had been introduced in 1998 by students of university students Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The distinctive recursive ranking system is taken into account as its key of success. Apart of Google Mail services there ar numerous worthy and helpful tools ar being offered completely free that embody Blogger, Feedburner, YouTube, Google and, Adsense, Webmaster Tools, Adword, Analytics and lots of additional.

Q: outline SEO?
(A) SEO is that the abbreviated style of “Search Engine Optimization”. it's the set of method in account of that an internet site or website is being created or optimized that helps them to reinforce their look or visibility at prime in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Q: make a case for distinct sorts of SEO practice?
(A) Primarily 2 sorts of SEO ar being sporting in follow – Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO.
Off-Page SEO is that the methodology of earning backlinks from alternative websites so as to reinforce the ranking of the positioning. This methodology embody numerous methodology of SEO together with journal posting, forum, article submission, release submission, classified and miscellaneous.
On-Page SEO is that the method of optimizing an internet site which has on-the-scene work like writing content, title, description, Alt tag, Meta tags furthermore as guaranteeing web-page’s code and style which might be indexed and crawled by search engines properly.

Q: What ar the various techniques employed in Offpage SEO?
(A) There ar uncountable techniques employed in Offpage SEO work. Major Techniques are:
             Directory Submission
             Social Bookmarking
             Blog Post
             Article Post
             Press unleash Submission
             Forum Posting
             Yahoo Answer
             Blog Comment
             Deep link Directory Submission
             Regional Directory Submission and every one that.

Q: outline journal, article & press release?
(A) A journal is referred as Associate in Nursing data or discussion revealed on web site or World Wide internet incorporating distinct entries known as as posts. Basically, the journal is referred as everything issue wherever you'll be able to embody others too. it's additional individual in distinction to article and release. it's additionally thought-about as terribly personal in subject to each vogue and comprised ideas and knowledge and may be written within the means similar to you'll sit down with your readers. it's additionally known as internet diary or on-line Diary.

The articles ar involved with specific topic or event Associate in Nursingd ar extremely bound towards an opinion rather than data. a piece of writing is meant to be additional bound towards manifestation opinions, views and plan. Generally, it's written  by a 3rd party or professional of any specific field.

Press Release is said with a particular action or event which might be republished by distinct medium of mass-media together with alternative websites. It ought to be easy, short and skilled. It conveys a transparent message or data.

Q: What ar Meta Tags?
(A) HTML meta tags ar typically referred as tags of page information that sits between gap and shutting head tags of a document’s HTML code. truly these ar hidden keywords World Health Organization sits within the code. These ar invisible to guests however ar visible and decipherable by Search Engines.

Not <b class="qtiperar" style="color:blue; cursor:pointer" title="considered|thought-about|thought of">thought-about</b> as Meta Tag, even <b class="qtiperar" style="color:orange; cursor:pointer" title="required|needed">needed</b> anyway

Q: distinction between keyword & keyword phrase?
(A) The keyword term is essentially involved with a one-word term, on the opposite hand a keyword phrase thought-about as employment of 2 or additional word-combinations. Therefore, it's terribly mixed-up to urge high ranking in account of one-word keyword term till the one-word keyword has very little on-line competition. Therefore, this follow isn't inspired to use. so as to drive additional traffic and prime ranking in SERP it's suggested to use keyword phrase.

Q: What does one realize Black Hat SEO?
(A) so as to realize High Ranking in programme result page, websites select numerous ways and techniques that ar characterised by 2 classes.
The method that ar enforced and acceptable in step with programme tips ar White Hat SEO, on the opposite hand, the tactic that ar less acceptable or taught to avoid in programme tips ar “Black Hat SEO”.

Q: are you able to tell Maine some Black Hat SEO techniques?
(A) Some Black Hat SEO techniques are:
             Keyword Stuffing
             Doorway Pages or entranceway Pages
             Link Farming
             Hidden Text, etc.

Q: what's spider?
(A) Spider additionally known as as larva, crawler or mechanism may be a set of worm that browses World Wide internet in organized and orderly fashion furthermore mechanically scan the web-page and web site for updated content and transfer a duplicate to its information center to index.

Q: Name the bots (spider) of major search engine?
(A) The name of bots/spider of Google programme is GoogleBot, Yahoo eat for Yahoo search and BingBot for Bing programme.

Q: are you able to differentiate ‘nofollow’ and ‘dofollow’?
(A) Nofollow link is precisely vice-versa of dofollow link. These ar non-crawling link that don't seem to be lapsed search engines larva and thence can’t be cached or indexed. it's obvious once we would like to forestall a link from crawl and classification.
Dofollow link may be a reasonably link that says all search engines crawlers to have that additionally place a bearing over page rank. once we like better to use or arrange to deliver the goods a dofollow link then it's counted by search engines and sits within the eye of Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo etc. as a backlink for your {website|web website} and enhances your site ranking.

Q: outline Page Rank. 
(A) PageRank may be a set of algorithmic program for link analysis named when Larry Page and utilized by Google programme towards shaping a numerical worth from one to ten to every element of hyperlinked documents like world wide internet. the worth accepts solely spherical figure meaning decimal don't seem to be allowed. Page rank is calculated by their inward links.

Q: Establish a distinction between PR & SERP.
(A) PR is Page Rank that is outlined by quality inward links from alternative {website|web website} or web-pages to an internet page or web site furthermore as say the importance of that site.
SERP stands for programme Result Page is that the placement of the web site or web-page that is came back by programme when a quest question or attribute.

Q: what's Cache?
(A) Cache is that the method performed by programme crawler at a daily interval of your time. It wont to scan and take pic of every page over world wide internet furthermore as store as a backup copy. nearly each programme result page incorporates a cached link for each website. However, clicking over cached link show you the last Google cached version of that specific page instead of of current version. Also, you'll be able to directly prefix “cache:” with desired address to look at it cached version.

Q: outline altitude tag?
(A) The altitude attribute additionally known as as altitude tag ar utilized in XHTML and HTML documents in context of shaping different text that's alleged to be rendered once the part can’t be rendered to that it's applied. One nice feature of altitude tag is that it's decipherable to ‘screen reader’ that may be a code by suggests that of that a blind man will hear this. additionally, it delivers different data for a picture attributable to some specific reason a user can’t read it like just in case of slow affiliation and a slip-up occurred within the src attribute.
For example, the HTML for this image can seem one thing like this:


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