Friday, 11 April 2014

What to Do if Your Computer Gets Hacked?

Many accountants are being hacked by criminal gang’s news computers, internet, your computer's security is under scrutiny again. Internet use is growing investment, your computer is likely to be hacked are also increased dramatically increasing. Quay is vulnerable to attack your computer, share files and web surfing is that there are so many. But this article is hacked your computer, it will help in deciding what steps to take.
Your computer is hacked, how did you?

    Use your various email and social media accounts or bad you are not able to use your computer are not able to.

Your computer is disconnected steps to take:

1. Investigated the effect of loss

After a while you use your computer for malware, virus, Trojan, key logger (spyware) or whether some are facing and will know what kind of infection. A key logger application is installed, in case you have a good antispyware program to remove the infection you can use. Although the infection is severe, formatting the hard drive is a better option. You back to your computer before you can format all the important and confidential files should try that.
Two. Damage Control

You should run antivirus program to determine the extent of damage. Users of Windows OS cannot recognize harmful antivirus applications and different can be found independently of “malware bytes " can run. Sophism antivirus that can be used by Mac users is a free Mac application.
Three. Out

After running several scans are facing you will know what the extent of the damage is. After making a list of virus and malware damage effect next thing that you need to find your computer is infected. For those of you that may be in your computer in case of loss to know how to post information about viruses and malware programs should investigate. You are not able to clean your computer, so unfortunately, after several attempts to re-establish the only option left is for your operating system.
April Offline Hacking

The Internet is the most common way to hack a computer, but anyone can hack your system using USB device that it is possible that it is true. As well as the removal of infection in this case is the same. You can take to avoid such situations, the best precaution to protect your computer OS and BIOS password. It's hard for anyone to gain access to your computer is easy.

Also it is wise to have a security tool for Windows Registry. To encrypt data on your hard disk so as to protect your files, you can use the encryption tool. A 100 % foolproof way to prevent hacking as it is always better to take precautionary measures


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