Saturday, 1 December 2012

Why I prefer 3 column templates for my blogs

The section of your journal higher than the fold (what you traveler see while not have to be compelled to scroll down vertically) is that the most vital a part of your journal. Businessmen like ground floor look area, which section higher than the fold is like ground floor look area. even as shoppers square measure lazy to steer up the steps the second floor (the third floor would be worst), surfers square measure usually lazy to scroll down your web site to examine the remainder of the page and can quickly surf away if nothing catch their eye. thus counting on what your objectives square measure, you must try and place what you would like your guests to examine initial higher than the fold. and therefore the best method for you to try and do this can be to use a three column guide and not use a deep graphic Header that takes up most of the area higher than the fold. you will realize it makes your journal enticing, however you may be unable to place several things higher than the fold.

Sometimes you're forced to compromise, like I compromised by golf stroke a sitesearch box at the highest of the most column higher than the post. however I feel it's helpful as a result of guests cannot miss that and hopefully they're going to use it to seek out topics in my journal and therefore keep during this journal longer than otherwise. i feel it's a worthy sacrifice. If you would like an identical sitesearch box, you may want a Google AdSense account. you'll be able to apply for one via the "Generate revenue from your web site. Google AdSense" text link at the highest of the correct sidebar of most of my blogs, together with this one. (sorry, I got needed with my alternative blogs. i used to be forced to place it within the Header section as a result of I set it so guests will search the net, this journal similarly as two connected blogs of mine. This created it too wide for it to suit into the most column)

If you would like the sitesearch box for your journal, these posts might assist you add implement it:
Add search box, AdSense ads, "stick post" at the highest of main column (click BACK button to induce back to the current page)

Generate script for Google search box

Blending colours of your Google search box with the colours of your web site

Add searchbox, graphic, AdSense ads unit or link unit, etc, to journal Header.

Plus here square measure some sources and demonstration blogs of three column New Blogger templates:

(click BACK button to induce back to the current page:
New Blogger guide changed by Stavanger
Dots New Blogger guide with Header
New Blogger templates changed by Ramani
New Blogger templates by Isnaini
New Blogger templates by Thur
Ramani's New Blogger modern guide
New Blogger guide by Final Sense

If you would like to try and do one thing

I think three column useful} because it helps you set a lot of stuff higher than the fold (what you traveler see while not have to be compelled to scroll down vertically) that's helpful. I recommend you begin exploitation labels and so add a Label List to the primary left column. Helps your guests realize relevant new/old posts quickly (I place Labels (Categories)) after I add a Label List as alternative bloggers exploitation completely different blogging platform square measure a lot of at home with the term classes.

It is in all probability doable to induce obviate one sidebar with some tinkering of the CSS ANd if you do not wish to own an empty area in its place, you may have to be compelled to modification the most column and sidebar widths and do some calculations. As i'm a three column addict, I even have no interest in attempting and plenty of alternative things to try and do. I hope you settle for my suggestion higher than as i actually suppose three column is extremely helpful. several surfers square measure lazy and if they do not see the factor they're craving for after they initial land on your journal, they're going to quickly surf away while not bothering to scroll right down to see what else is there within the remainder of the page below the fold.


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