Friday, 11 April 2014

What to Do if Your Computer Gets Hacked?

Many accountants are being hacked by criminal gang’s news computers, internet, your computer's security is under scrutiny again. Internet use is growing investment, your computer is likely to be hacked are also increased dramatically increasing. Quay is vulnerable to attack your computer, share files and web surfing is that there are so many. But this article is hacked your computer, it will help in deciding what steps to take.
Your computer is hacked, how did you?

    Use your various email and social media accounts or bad you are not able to use your computer are not able to.

Your computer is disconnected steps to take:

1. Investigated the effect of loss

After a while you use your computer for malware, virus, Trojan, key logger (spyware) or whether some are facing and will know what kind of infection. A key logger application is installed, in case you have a good antispyware program to remove the infection you can use. Although the infection is severe, formatting the hard drive is a better option. You back to your computer before you can format all the important and confidential files should try that.
Two. Damage Control

You should run antivirus program to determine the extent of damage. Users of Windows OS cannot recognize harmful antivirus applications and different can be found independently of “malware bytes " can run. Sophism antivirus that can be used by Mac users is a free Mac application.
Three. Out

After running several scans are facing you will know what the extent of the damage is. After making a list of virus and malware damage effect next thing that you need to find your computer is infected. For those of you that may be in your computer in case of loss to know how to post information about viruses and malware programs should investigate. You are not able to clean your computer, so unfortunately, after several attempts to re-establish the only option left is for your operating system.
April Offline Hacking

The Internet is the most common way to hack a computer, but anyone can hack your system using USB device that it is possible that it is true. As well as the removal of infection in this case is the same. You can take to avoid such situations, the best precaution to protect your computer OS and BIOS password. It's hard for anyone to gain access to your computer is easy.

Also it is wise to have a security tool for Windows Registry. To encrypt data on your hard disk so as to protect your files, you can use the encryption tool. A 100 % foolproof way to prevent hacking as it is always better to take precautionary measures

Thursday, 10 April 2014

how to restore and backup your computer

       A file backup is a copy of a file that is stored in a separate location from the original
       Backing up your files helps to protect them from being permanently lost or changed in the event of accidental deletion, a worm or virus
       Click to open “Back Up and Restore Center “in control Panel. 

  • How To Use Backup and Restore in Windows 7
  • To set up a backup in    Windows 7open up Computer right-click onyour local drive and select   Properties. 
  • Then click on the Tools tab and click the Back up now button.  

In the Back up or restore your files window click the link to set up a backup. Windows will search for a suitable drive to store the backup


How to install window 8 through Pendrive ?


·         Open run command win+r and type CMD


Saturday, 1 December 2012

6 Reasons Why Hostgator Is Better Than Dreamhost

The most common downside that a tiro journalger face once he's beginning his 1st blog is to urge a reliable net hosting. tons of or I will say thousands of net hosting suppliers ar offered that claim to produce best hosting with best period however most of them ar faux and don't stand upto their words.
I have been blogging for quite one.5 year currently and that i should say it's vital to possess a right net host. until currently I used 2 widespread net hosting suppliers :


Hostgator and Dreamhost each ar the foremost widespread and most demanded net hosting suppliers within the market and that i have expertise with each these net hosting suppliers. Users sometimes get confused between each these 2 net hostings. during this article I’ll tell you the half-dozen reasons why Hostgator is best than Dreamhost.
Earlier I hosted my journal with Dreamhost once I migrated my journal from blogger to WordPress. once you explore for reviews regarding Dreamhost on web you may realize that almost all of the folks ar speech that Dreamhost is that the best hosting supplier for traditional users however I had a foul expertise with it. Earlier i used to be not obtaining any downside with Dreamhost, however once my traffic came to traditional, I started obtaining regular down times. therefore I stirred my journal from Dreamhost to Hostgator and currently I’m happy that I stirred my journal to Hostgator.

Live Chat Support

Live chat support is that the essential demand of any net hosting. Whenever you get any downside along with your net hosting you'll be able to in real time contact your hosting supplier if offer|they supply} live chat support however Dreamhost don't provide any live chat support to its regular users. It solely offer this feature if you're on note (Private Servers) that prices an excessive amount of for traditional users. Hostgator offer live chat support to shared hosting users too.

Better period

When I was on dreamhost, i used to be obtaining regular period of times and that they weren't ready to resolve the issues with my blog’s downtime and once moving to Hostgator, I ne'er got any period of time until currently. in keeping with my expertise, period of HostGator is way higher than Dreamhost. What you are doing once you visit an internet site and it don't open ? you may visit it an added time however what if it don't open once more. In such condition you hardly visit such an internet site once more. therefore period of any web site is most significant factor. you may lose your precious readers once you begin obtaining downtimes.

Easy to navigate CPanel

Both of those net hosting suppliers supply CPanels. though the cpanel of Dreamhost appearance higher than the cpanel of Hostgator however it’s rough to navigate. Whereas the cpanel of HostGator is absolutely straightforward to navigate and you'll be able to realize desired tools terribly simply.

Best client Support

Hostgator team is extremely nice in dealing its customers. they supply 24/7 client service. I’m whole affected with their service. Whenever i would like any support I contact them through live chat support and in jiffy solely they supply ME with necessary solutions.

More options than Dreamhost

Hostgator wins in options too by providing additional options than Dreamhost. It provides some distinctive options like hot link protection, Instant backups, Custom error pages, computing machine statistics and lots of additional.

Cheaper than Dreamhost

Price is that the another issue that's taken into consideration after we ar about to obtain net hosting. you'll be able to get Hostgator webhosting for as low as $4.95/ month wherever as Dreamhost’s worth starts at $8.95/month.


After clearing all my points here and with my expertise with each these net hostings, i will be able to extremely suggest Hostgator. you will conjointly scan different reviews on web before shopping for net hosting.If you're about to begin your 1st journal and wish to host just one domain then you'll be able to opt for Hostgator young set up that prices simply $4.95/month.

Is The Hosting Company Reliable Or Not! How To Find Out?

When you ar craving for a business hosting provide, responsibleness of the online hosting supplier you're near to choose is of primary importance, regardless of if you propose to induce windows VPS hosting, shared hosting, or the other style of net hosting package. selecting a reliable net hosting company is basically very important as a result of if your net host isn’t reliable, can|you'll|you may} expertise every kind of issues – your website will often be down, departure your customers sad, you won’t be obtaining the support would like|you would like|you wish} after you need it, etc.

While you'll be able to ne'er take care that you simply have picked a extremely reliable net host, regardless of however laborious you are attempting and the way a lot of you analysis your potential business hosting suppliers, there ar ways in which to filter a minimum of the unprofessional  suppliers and so from the order choose an honest supplier. Here ar ten queries you'll raise your potential business hosting supplier and supported their answers decide if this company is price making an attempt or not.

10 inquiries to raise an online Hosting Company

There ar several queries you'll be able to raise a possible business hosting supplier. Here ar ten inquiries to begin with:

 what quantity period you have?
 however powerful ar your servers?
 what's the typical load of your servers?
    Is your support 24×7?
 does one provide phone support?
 are you able to guarantee a smallest bandwidth?
 what number accounts ar there on one server?
    If I begin with a given net hosting package, can or not it's doable to upgrade it or downgrade it later?
    Name some well-liked internet sites that ar hosted with you.
 are you able to show references from clients?

These queries ar additional or less customary to raise and any respectable best net host won’t have difficulties supplying you with a solution. However, if the host you're asking, is unwilling to answer, or offers obscure answers, this is often a wake-up call that it's not a reliable business net hosting. during this case you simply ought to progress to consequent business hosting supplier on your list.

Reliable net Hosting corporations

There ar several lists of reliable net hosting suppliers however if you don’t desire checking lots of corporations, here ar 2 of the simplest net hosts, which provide windows VPS hosting and alternative kinds of business hosting and that they ar each celebrated for his or her reliability:

  •     Just Host
  •     HostMonster

Both corporations ar terribly respectable and reliable and also the best proof for his or her expertise is to start out a Live Chat session with a representative of theirs and raise the ten queries listed on top of.

More helpful Hints to check If an online Hosting Company Is Reliable

The answers to the ten queries can provide you with enough info if the business host you're interviewing may be a reliable one or not. generally it's doable that the support rep you're interviewing doesn’t apprehend all the solutions (for instance the answer to the question regarding the typical variety of accounts per server), or has to sign up order to allow you a additional elaborate answer. this is often fine and it doesn’t mean that the host isn’t a reliable one.
In addition to the answers to your queries, you'll be able to go a step more, do some further analysis and acquire even additional info. for example, reading user feedback on forums is differently to be told if a specific net hosting supplier is reliable or not. Search with Google for user feedback regarding the supplier of interest to you and see what users got to say. unneeded to mention, you shouldn’t believe everything you browse however if you browse primarily negatives, or primarily positives for a given net hosting supplier, this is often enough to achieve a conclusion.
It might appear that asking such a lot of queries and doing analysis may be a waste of your time. No, it isn’t. If you don’t mate associate degreed choose an unprofessional  net host, this can cause such a lot of issues and can waste you rather more time than you'd have lost if you had done some preliminary analysis.

Get Your Own Custom .COM Domain for Your Blog

You may understand it is time to require things seriously and upgrade to your owncustom domain ( This post can hopefully facilitate clarify the advantages of obtaining your own net domain and wherever to begin. a bit like perpetually, you're quite welcome to inquire from me any queries and that i am happy to assist you thru the method.

Why select a Custom Domain?

    It's Permanent.  You get to stay this name forever.  Services like Blogger will deactivate your diary at any given time all of sudden.
    Promote your own complete.  If your web site could be a subdomain (such as you are promoting Google Blogger. Get your own domain and you will be promoting your own distinctive complete. It provides you believability and a lot of individuals can trust you and what you've got to supply.
 a lot of Traffic.  Search engines like custom net domains over subdomains.
    Name Recognition.  It's abundant easier to recollect and find a website name like than
    Custom Email. you'll be able to get your own custom email (eg: it's terribly skilled.
 marketing Rights.  Subdomain blogs, like Blogspot, don't permit you to sell your diary. together with your own custom domain you've got the correct to sell your web site if you select to try to to thus in some unspecified time in the future.
    It's Cheap. hand over one Starbucks drink a month and you'll be able to afford your own (.com, .net, .org, etc.) domain! It's solely $3.96 a month with HostGator.

Choosing the correct net Host


If you're sorting out an internet hosting company that has reliable and quick servers, strive HostGator. My friend James and that i use them to host many sites, and that i are a client for over one year with none problems. Our high traffic web site has been running terribly swimmingly since September of 2009 and HostGator will handle it well.

Option one : Setup Your Custom Domain with Blogger

 forward you've got your own hosting set up with Hostgator or another net host, contact your net hosting company regarding registering a website. Tell them that you just need to register a brand new name like  Once the domain is registered raise them to make a CNAME record for your domain with the DNS directive to:  Please note that it should take many hours to daily for your DNS settings to update properly.
 currently we want to update your Blogger Settings at visit Settings then click on the business enterprise tab.
        If you're business enterprise on Blogspot, you'll see a link close to the highest providing to change you to a custom domain. move and click on on "custom domain".

 currently click "Switch to Advanced Settings".

        Fill within the name of your domain. I written in as associate example.  Once you have done this enter the word verification at the lowest of the page and click on "Save Settings".

 that is it! Your files ought to currently be hosted at your new domain if your DNS settings are updated however.

Option a pair of : discovered Your Custom Domain by Migrating from Blogger to WordPress

Wordpress could be a free skilled blogging platform that most of the people like over Blogger. forward another time that you just have an internet hosting account with one like Hostgator, visit your cPanel.
  •     Watch this tutorial on a way to Install WordPress from Fantastico.
  •     Then in your WordPress Admin space (, visit Manage → Import                Blogger and follow the directions to finish the import.
  •     Your diary posts ought to currently be foreign to Wordpress and may show au fait your web site...

New Blogger Custom Domain

The New Blogger has recently extended its latest feature - custom domain. With custom domain, you'll have your own name like and have your diary hosted with Blogger for gratis. you will additionally value more highly to host your diary with a 3rd party internet host or maybe on your own, however you may ought to grapple with varied problems just like the trouble of business your posts via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). an enormous disadvantage of hosting on your own is that a lot of of the new options of the New Blogger like drag-and-drop Layout, Label List, etc., won't be offered to you as you may ought to use the recent classic Blogger templet.

Others World Health Organization do not use custom domain can ought to stomach sub-domain like Some don't love it as a result of they assert the sub-domain doesn't belong to them, however to Blogger. additionally, some square measure of the opinion that sub-domain square measure command less respect from surfers, rather like employing a home as AN workplace.

If you would like to use custom domain, the primary factor you would like is to register an appropriate name. the matter is, the net has been with U.S. for quite it slow already, and lots of of the a lot of fascinating domain names have most likely been already taken. this can be wherever services like will are available in handy. have several domain fascinating domain names that you just might want to use for your diary. there's a hunt box into that you'll sort in keyword/s and look for your required name. They even have Advanced Search to assist you cut down the search.

If you have got a site name that you think that could also be salable , you'll additionally place up the domain available you will additionally begin a diary with custom domain (which means the domain belongs to you, and to not blogger, and you will do no matter you would like with it). you are taking care to settle on a fascinating name with sensible keywords within the address, publish posts frequently, get the diary indexed by computer programme, and find a high PageRank which is able to create your name a lot of valuable.

You may even be a part of the Google AdSense Program and place discourse ads, search boxes and referral links on your diary and work thereon to supply revenue. There could also be people that square measure searching for AdSense prepared blogs to shop for as then they will begin earning right now instead of ranging from scratch

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